London born and bred Yasmine and Bournemouth boy Peter Giles met in February 1988 in Kensington, London.


She was working as a professional pianist and singer at most of London’s top hotels, jazz clubs and private parties when she was introduced to Peter by a fellow musician. Peter was running a Dinner Dance band on the 10th floor of The Royal Garden Hotel in which he played Bass and sang. Yasmine auditioned at the hotel as an interval pianist, and shy of 4 months later they married on Peter’s birthday.


From the moment these two met, they were on a mission - to form their own band and write their own songs. Within two years they had a band that ‘toured’ for 13 years, playing in every conceivable venue in London as well as at private parties on the outskirts. All the while they were perfecting their songwriting craft as a team and writing original songs at a rate of knots.


They moved to leafy Surrey in February 2000 intent on recording what they had written in their fully analogue recording studio. A dearth of live gigs in Surrey necessitated that they diversify. So to the existing strings on their bows were added Peter’s master carpentry skills and for Yasmine, an unsolicited kick into the world of teaching music by a master organist and ABRSM examiner.


Although regarded as madness by some, this bizarre detour from their Life Plan revealed a deeper, more subtle underlying reason. It served as an opportunity for further in depth work and refinement to occur until things came full circle. At the start of 2019 they began work on INSIGHTS - their first CD of original songs.


Yasmine and Peter Giles stand poised...