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National Album Day:  October 12th 2019


A BPI organised event to mark the release of any CD in any given year.  It gives anyone releasing a CD in that year a platform to let the public know, with national coverage on radio and social media.

Their celebrations commenced from 7 - 12th October, and their theme that year was #Don’tSkip.  Guess what that meant?

Our CD actually has six tracks of three segued pairs, so their theme was right up our street and therefore could not be ignored!

Even though their date made our deadline too early, we decided to honour the occasion with a Preview Gig at Caffe Capital  on October 12th. 

We played a heady mixture of original material from upcoming CD plus covers.  We did two sets - 11am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm. 

A veritable marathon!

The reception was fantastic.  Our audience of coffee & tea aficionados made for a warm, enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere. Here's a still from a truly memorable day...

Yasmine Giles performs 'Ananga Ranga'
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