1. Ananga Ranga

"How I like to live my life

In the garden of my dreams..."

2. Always

"Cos every hopeless heartache...

Is just a cloud that hides the sun"

3. Spike Funk

"A special kind of global warming..."

4. Time

"Time ... to make another start

To look inside your heart"

5. Too Close To Touch

"All the friends in the world get together again "

6. Pacha Mama

"Mira mi corazon..."

7. Call You My Sister

"Recognise your face

"Cause you're part of the human race "

8. Spirit of Aquarius

"Step by step it's changing

By the Force of Grace " 

9. Children's Corner

"Everybody touched by the little bit of light

That's left in me... " 

10. Bring Me Back Home Again

"There's a very familiar life I had..."