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Yasmine's Mama - for embodying The Indomitable Spirit of Woman - and for her ruthless devotion to The Creative Process.

Shu Richmond - for excellence in website production!

Jackie Mitchell - for friendship.
Claire Evans - for constant creative support.
Amy Cope - for fabulous flyers.
Derek Huff - for switching it off and switching it back on again.

Ralf Paske - for the incredible gift of a hand-crafted fretless bass (used on the Insights album).

Audio Related Technology - for healing our analogue gear when it felt unwell.

Jesse Manno (University of Colorado Senior Instructor) - for invaluable help with synchronisation issues.

Alice & Beebs - for general cuteness and adorability

All our music students and their parents, past and present - for lessons in love, life and learning.

Dr. Marie Speakman & Team Lumino - for our smiles.