Harking back to the age of the concept album, the songs for Insights were written in one ‘hit’.  Yasmine explains:


“Pete was pottering around the flat and I was at my keyboard noodling as per usual. Suddenly words, melodies and chords started to come all at once as chunks of formed ideas.  All 10 songs came through like that.


As Pete wandered in and out of the room, I said listen to this, listen to that.  I would say this bit is a chorus, and he would say no, no it’s obviously a verse.  I’d then say, that bit is a verse and he would say no, no it’s a chorus.  And on it went.  He eventually sat down and wrote a bridge to the verse and chorus for “Always”, the second song on the CD.


Over time, we took these chunks of ideas and began to work on the musical infrastructure, modifying and adding chords, lyrics and melodies to the initial ideas.


They all seemed to be part of a central vision.  A theme was running through that united them in thought and feeling.  The subject matter of all the songs expressed in musical form the values that had underpinned our lives since we met and married.


We joke endlessly about who wrote this bit and that bit.  In truth, our individual and combined life stories are encoded in every melody, every harmony, every lyric and every chord.


These songs are not only personal, but they contain sentiments which are archetypal. They express what many think and feel, but may not have the courage or wherewithal to articulate.


The story of us is the story of a personal and professional odyssey that led us to the realization that our life experience is indeed much more than we know...”


nsights: The Album