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Jayne G (UK)

"Had lots of fun helping set up the tables for 'Planet Giles In Concert' (Nov 2023).  Amazing musicians and vocalists.  I love how Yasmine's vocals have so much clarity, spirit, warmth and oh your tone range!  Love your voice!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it".


Alice B (UK)

"You have created more than an album - a world!"


Tanya & Tom (USA):

"We can't get past Track 2 (Always).  LOVE IT!

Carole King......please listen to Yasmine and Peter!"

Jackie M (UK):

"Words fail me – I feel rather emotional about it all – it is such a fantastic piece of work both the CD and the book. We love the line drawings!  I found 'Bring Me Back Home Again' very emotional, a real tearjerker. The lyrics throughout are so evocative".


Anna P (UK):

"Congratulations to you both!  What a lot of work you’ve put into this.  Listening to it now and loving it".


Angie B (UK):

"It's just amazing that just the two of you have managed to make such complex sounds.  Well done.  Worth the wait".


Eileen B (Canada):

"I’m so proud to think that you and Pete have written all of it, music and lyrics that touch the soul and uplift the spirit - especially at a time when it’s a much needed commodity".


Clare W (UK):

"Thank you for opening my heart to joy.  Sending 'Spike Funk' around the world right now".


Professor C (UK):

"I think what I like best is that there is a very distinctive groove and riff for each track - which makes you wanna boogie.

You guys are so gifted - and have a solemn duty to share that gift with the world".

Charlie S (UK):

"That last song (Bring me back home again) should come with a government health warning".

Nick L (UK):

"The harmonies on 'Sister' (Call you my sister) - magic.  Simon & Garfunkel, eat your heart out".

Kevin C (The Netherlands):

"Wow!  What an incredible, beautiful production.  The text, lyrics and music is a genuine work of art".

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