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The Story of 'Ananga Ranga'




(from the INSIGHTS album released in 2022)

This first song on our INSIGHTS album, refers initially to THE ANANGA RANGA which is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text by Kalyana Malla, and was aimed at preventing the separation of a husband and wife. To us, it represented the unity of the male and female, the Alpha and Omega as it first existed in the Garden of Eden before, ‘the fall from grace’.

As the various sections were created and their sounds chosen, it became apparent that there was a story inherent in the musical ideas and the chosen sounds, and which was clearly manifesting and telling an evolving story.

The beginning section uses a pipe sound which had a haunting quality to it and sounded tribal in origin. We could feel and picture the scene being set somewhere within a rainforest interior, similar to the Amazon rainforest which is the backdrop of Yasmine’s mother’s country of origin, Guyana, home to the indigenous Indians.

We felt that this expressed the origins of humankind, its ancient roots close to nature, to the land, to animals and ultimately to the God of all Creation, irrespective of one’s personal religious bias. In a spiritual sense, all roads lead to Rome...

From there we evolve to the Industrial Revolution. This is reflected in our choice of metallic sounds on kit and keys, life away from nature (which is the true definition of the word, ‘sophistication’), separating humans from their roots, from God and the subsequent creation of the nuclear family.

After that, we return to the unity of the Garden of Eden. This is what all humans yearn for and what will eventually happen. We are returning to the source and to the God Force. We are on our way home.

The lyrics themselves express this yearning to return to the Garden. It is the Garden of Eden that Joni Mitchell refers to in her song WOODSTOCK:

“For we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden...”

Our song speaks of living in, ‘the Garden of my dreams, in a perfumed paradise’.

‘Scarlet ribbons’ refers to a folk song that Yasmine’s mother sang all the time to her daughters, ‘Scarlet Ribbons (for her hair)’ by Evelyn Danzig and Jack Segal.

‘Got the summer in my soul’ and ‘a love of life to share’ is something that is evident in Yasmine’s ‘ambiently happy nature’, as someone once described her! An eloquent and accurate description by all that know her.

‘ the rhythm of the past’ expresses the connection to ancient sources and the ongoing sustenance of mind, body and spirit that that provided people before they were yanked from their roots into the 20th Century. Sadly if you uproot people from their connection to the earth which is their home base, they lose that feeling of,

‘I’m so happy I was born’.

The last verse expresses the joy of what Life provides for our nourishment and sustenance, namely fruit and honey.

Musically, the lyric married to the music expresses the abundant joy that we will feel when we do eventually return to that state of grace in the Garden of Eden.

But that state is possible in our own lives right now if we realise our own power to create it, which is the gift given to all of us by the God Force / Spirit / The Universe et al.

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