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So since my first Cookbook came out last year, “The Demerara Heart Cookbook 1/3”, the recipe that seems to have tickled those that have a copy is the Austrian / German Christmas Cake, LINZER TORTE.

This is, in fact, a giant JAM TART! And we all know how much we love jam tarts! They are one of my very favourite cakes. I’m boring that way, as I like my cakes simple. One of my absolute favourites is just a plain Madeira Cake (no lemon or anything) with a cup of tea. Bliss!

So, back to the LINZER TORTE.

It is said that Linzer Torte is one of the oldest cakes to be named after a place - Linz in Austria. Be that as it may, it’s a very popular cake on the continent and mighty delicious it is too.

My fervour for making it has spread to friends. I recently got a photo from an ex- pastry chef in the Black Forest in Germany called Bernd after he was inspired to make one. It is pretty perfect as you can see!

Then lovely Amy, my singing student has developed the LT bug and makes it often. You can see her wonderful rustic effort here.

And lastly mine, loaded with raspberry jam, ready to pop à la bouche!

If you are intrigued by my bespoke recipes and want to give them a try, head over to the MUSIC SHOP and purchase a copy.

Then send a review and a photo to

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT and hear about your cooking adventure!


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