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The Story of 'Digging My Lawn'


by Planet Giles



Peter wrote this song, which was originally recorded on vinyl by the 1960s

band GILES GILES & FRIPP (precursor to King Crimson).

This trio consisted of:

Robert Fripp - guitar

Peter Giles - bass, vocals

Mike Giles - drums, vocals

I always loved this song, in particular because it was a jazz waltz with a quirky,

offbeat lyric, but also typical of its era. When we married, I told Pete that I

would love at some point to do a cover version of his song. So that's what we


Pete wrote a whole new introduction with a woodwind ensemble, and I was

desperate to write a piano solo in lieu of Mike Hill's original Hammond Organ

solo. The piano sound gives the track an ‘edge’ in the sound department which

particularly showcases the great chordal harmonies that Pete wrote. It gave

me great scope to write the solo in a quirky, jazzy way in keeping with the

spirit of the original song. We love it because it has stayed true to the original,

but added some musical jazz refinements into the mix.

People are always surprised when they hear Pete sing. But he has ALWAYS

sung from the moment he picked up a bass. His early bands always included

stack harmonies, and Pete is a huge fan of vocal harmonies in music. To my ear,

his vocals on our version of DIGGING MY LAWN are even better than the


And if you ever bump into him, ask him to do his vocal impression of Ray

Charles. It’s a DOOZY !

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